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The Two Julians

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The Two Julians
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Dereham Pub Day 2 – The Coachmakers Pub And Kitchen


The Coachmakers was the sixth pub that Julian and I visited on our second day trip to Dereham. First opened in the early 1840s, this pub became part of the Chef & Brewer estate before being briefly owned and nearly ruined by Enterprise Inns, becoming free trade in 2011.


The front bar with the Encore and Falcon ales from Lacon. The service was polite and engaging, although my beer look a little long to arrive as the server explained it has been quite a lively little number in the cellar.


To diversify the pub also offers its own little wine shop.


We didn’t have any dining plans for the evening, but the pizzas looked tempting. Quite a premium for anyone who wants the meat feast, but this tempted me to get something to eat here.


The rest of the menu which is relatively small, but that seems a good sign as if it’s manageable it is often of a reliable quality.


The exposed brick gave the pub something of an historic atmosphere.


I opted for the Falcon Ale, an average session bitter which was well kept and at the appropriate temperature.


Richard came to join us at this point and I was tempted by the Blue Cheese burger which had been served to another customer (not their specific meal, I didn’t go and try and get some of it). I ordered that, as indeed did Julian and Richard, and it was entirely acceptable, a meaty burger and chips for a fluffy interior.

This pub is a little out of the town centre but I’d suggest that it’s worth the effort to walk here as the surroundings are inviting and comfortable, the service was efficient and the food was most satisfactory. I was moderately saddened to leave here as it meant that our visit to the 12 pubs of Dereham was over, but I had been surprised and delighted with the variety of venues that the town had.