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The Two Julians

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Welcome to the Two Julians and our study tours of pubs across Norfolk and Suffolk. Here’s a little more about us, but in short, we want to visit and report back on pubs because they’re essential parts of the community. Something in a community dies every time a pub closes, so we want to pay tribute to every single venue that is staying open and serving their local population. We’ve both spent many hours both sides of the bar and it’s fair to say that we love the pub trade. And beer. We love beer.

You can read about our past study tours which have included:





North Walsham


This is a bit of a holding page at the moment as I’ve moved these posts from my blog at, but you might see some links still going off there. Julian S will be providing some older photos that he’s taken of pubs and we’ll do some more stuff with pub history, giving readers the suitable incentive to come rushing back to see what exciting content we’ve come up with….

As a warning, it’s Julian W that has written the text for the pub days, so if there are any spelling mistakes or errors they’re my fault. If there are any legal challenges about the content I’ve written, then that’s a matter for Julian S as he’s head of legal. Also, we’re doing this for fun and don’t take this overly seriously. I try and take the positives I can find, because as mentioned, it’s great that every single pub is open and we love every one in its own way.

Finally, there’s no advertising on this page, but if ever surprise and delight, then feel free to buy us a beer at We’ll share our beer donations out equally between us    🙂