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The Two Julians

We straddle the Waveney so you don't have to.

The Two Julians
BungayTwo Julians

Bungay Pub Day – Two Julians


After what we considered the great success of our days out in Dereham and North Walsham, Julian and I decided that it was Bungay that we should investigate for our next study tour. This is an area I haven’t much explored, only having visited the Green Dragon, but Julian has many more experiences of the hospitality venues in the town.

Excluding the golf club, there are five pubs in the town and we were able to visit all of them. They were the:

Fleece Inn

Castle Inn

Green Dragon

Three Tuns

The Chequers Inn

And I’m delighted to say that we enjoyed them all.


The excitement of lorrygate when the local denizens had their peaceful early afternoon rest impacted by a lorry struggling to get past another lorry. I say excitement, but it amused us for a few seconds. I accept that I in particular am easily pleased.


I took photos of numerous former pubs in the town, this is the Ship which was taken over by Lacon’s in 1923. I’ll get another post written at some stage about the pubs that have been lost in Bungay, there seem to be some intriguing tales from what I’ve been reading about some of them.


We had chance to look around the local church, but more about that in a separate post. This series of posts is far more about the beer without me getting distracted once again by church history.


Another grand building lost to the hospitality trade, this was the King’s Head Hotel.


And evidence of another one lost…..


There’s a story here, but I’m not quite sure what it is.


I was suitably humoured by this, it’s very true.


Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to enter the castle, but I took this photo over the fence so that’ll have to do.


It’s clearly important to explain the principles of the 24 hour clock to local potential bus passengers.


Our bus back turned up late, for reasons unknown, but just after First Bus had sent me a message on Twitter saying they were looking for it. We arrived safely back in Norwich in one piece and only a little after schedule. Fortunately we weren’t back too late as Julian and I needed to pop out to visit some Norwich pubs in the evening, as our study tours are never ending. I was especially fond of the Fleece Inn for its food and ambience, but all of the pubs had inviting atmospheres and staff who offered us a friendly welcome, it was certainly a rewarding day in that regard.

The next visit will be to Aylsham and we’re both looking forwards to it as we don’t get out much.