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The Two Julians

We straddle the Waveney so you don't have to.

The Two Julians
Two JuliansWymondham

Wymondham Pub Day – Two Julians


Our study tour of the week was to Wymondham and we managed to visit all nine venues which CAMRA have listed. Julian and I are both unanimous in just how rigorous our testing needs to be, so we didn’t want any venue to be missed out. Here’s Julian at Wymondham Abbey, which we found time to go and visit. We’re not one trick ponies, we also have plenty to say about public transport and history.


On the subject of buses, I was once again delighted to take advantage of the £2 single fare, with the buses sort of running to time.

The pubs or bars we visited were:

Robert Kett

Queen’s Head

Cross Keys

White Hart

Green Dragon

Wymondham Sports Bar


Ex-Services Club

The Railway

Wymondham is certainly not badly served by the pubs and there’s plenty of choice for visitors and locals. The Robert Kett is more of an estate pub, but the rest are located in the town centre. The Queen’s Head and the Railway are more food led, with those liking historic interiors being recommended to visit the Green Dragon and the White Hart. The Wymondham Sports Bar was an unexpected highlight, although there’s some confusion as to whether CAMRA members can visit the Ex-Services Club or not. The Cross Keys was the liveliest of the venues, with the Feathers being the only Wymondham pub listed in the Good Beer Guide with the Green Dragon having lost their position in the book.


Julian and I rarely complain about anything, but we did comment several times about how bloody hot it was during the day.


It did rain at some point, but we were too busy studying one of the pubs in detail.


The length of this study day meant that we didn’t get back to the bus stop until around 20:30, but at least we left in daylight. I hope that my comments about all the venues are sufficiently positive, as it’s marvellous that these pubs are all still open and operating. In these challenging times, pubs are an important part of the community and I’m delighted that we were able to visit them all.

Previous study tours have included to North Walsham, Aylsham, Bungay and Dereham. I’m pleased to report that there are several more study tours currently being planned, including one by train to widen our coverage territory even further.