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The Two Julians

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The Two Julians
Two JuliansWymondham

Wymondham – Ex-Services Club


I used to be a member of the Lowestoft Ex Servicemens Club, although not for reasons of ever being in the military, as I’m not sure how useful I would have been to them if I’m being honest. CAMRA note that “CAMRA members are admitted up to 6 times a year” and so Julian and I thought that we’d pop in when passing. We are very thorough in our study tour research and if CAMRA say it’s good to go in, then we feel obliged to give it a little try which made this our eighth venue of the day.


Unfortunately, the barman informed me that CAMRA members couldn’t enter and the information from CAMRA thus seemed wrong. Rather awkwardly but fortunately for us, a helpful customer told us that we were welcome but just needed to sign in. The barman fortunately decided not to contest this, but it’s unfortunate as otherwise we would have had a clean sweep of nine excellent welcomes in Wymondham.

Back to the beer options, there were three real ales to choose from and for non-members they’re priced at slightly above pub prices, although members are I understand charged a lower rate.


I went for the Oakham Inferno and this was well-kept and suitably refreshing.


The bar area and there were plenty of snack options to be had. The club was busy when we went, so we sat at the bar and gossiped about numerous people we know, in that way we have of informing each other of random news. Everything was clean and comfortable, although it was rather hot inside.

The members in the club were all welcoming and I think this is probably just a venue that doesn’t get many people just wandering in off the streets in the early evening and so perhaps we caught them unawares. I suspect that the system is that a member can guest someone in, hence how we were allowed to be served, but I found the set-up just a little awkward and it’s wasn’t clear for a while whether we’d just be asked to leave. It’s a shame, as without generalising I think CAMRA members would enjoy the club as it’s got a decent selection of beers and an amenable group of members. For anyone wanting to visit, I’d be tempted to contact the club in advance just to check where the land currently lies.